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Eagle Scout’s Daughter Benefits From Dad’s Project

When Jody Beringer completed his Eagle Scout project in 1990, he probably never thought that, 23 years later, it would still be going strong, and his own daughter would be one of the beneficiaries.

When Jody was 13, he noticed that his town didn’t have a safety program in place to teach kindergarden students everyday tips like how to cross the street safely. One year later, Jody’s project was finished, and Safety Town was complete.

Now, 23 years later, Jody has a daughter in kindergarten, and guess where she just recently learned a whole lot of everyday safety procedures?

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  1. I’m impressed that the Safety Town lasted 23 years; most last between 5-10 years. As District Advancement Chairman I’ve approved a few of these over the years and them see them being replaced some years later. Over the years with assembly and disassembly, and moving them in and out of storage takes its toll on them

    I always felt it was a great useful project..

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