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Cub Scout Keeps Cool When Dad Is Injured

Jake Pritchard, an 11-year-old Cub Scout from Fair Oaks, California, didn’t panic when his dad fell and seriously injured his head during a rappelling trip to Putah Creek State Wildlife Area.

Instead, the boy kept calm and called 911, and now his father — though seriously injured — is recovering at a hospital.

Jake told a local news outlet that he was “frightened the whole time,” but he said Cub Scouts taught him to remain calm and call 911 in case of an emergency.

Amazingly, Jake’s call was disconnected from the 911 dispatcher before he could tell them where they were located. Thankfully, the quick-thinking dispatcher looked up Jake’s dad on Facebook, where the man had posted their location just hours earlier.

Click here to read more about the amazing rescue.


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  1. Good Job! Keeping your head in time of danger is very mature! Trust me! I had a similar occasion happen to me!

  2. as a scout from Canada I think he did a real good job keeping calm and getting help not an easy then to do for a lot of people

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