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Three ways to document your Scouting adventure

When you go on a Scout trip — whether it’s hiking, camping or something else — you’re making memories. Consider keeping a journal of your Scout outings that will keep those memories fresh for years to come.

Here are some ideas:

Photographs. Most mobile devices can take amazing pictures and video. So can the variety of relatively inexpensive cameras available for purchase. Here’s a hint: Don’t have your buddies pose for the camera. Instead, document the event by capturing your fellow Scouts in action.

Click here to learn how to take better pictures.


Drawings. A sketchbook and a couple of pencils don’t take up that much space. Consider sketching some of the plants, animals and landscapes that you encounter on your next trip.

ESCAA 1578

Journals. All you need is a simple notebook, and all you have to do is write something short every day. Keep a log of wildlife you see, the weather you encounter and anything else that happens along the way.



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