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Recruit a Friend and Make Cub Scouting Even Better

You already know all of the things that make Cub Scouting so great: the adventures, the service projects, the teamwork, the games and everything else for which a Scout lives.

In fact, the only thing more fun than being a Cub Scout is being a Cub Scout with a good friend.

No doubt some of your best buddies are already in your pack. But what about those who aren’t?

Bring one of them along for the ride, too.

And if you successfully recruit a friend into Cub Scouting, you’ll get a Recruiter strip you can wear below the right pocket on your uniform.


The best way to get a friend interested in Cub Scouting is to talk to him about all the things you get to do. Talk as though you’re excited about a great book you’ve just read or a good movie you just saw, and talk about how you’d love to share those experiences with your friend.

Some guys might be turned off by someone who won’t stop trying to get them to join Cub Scouts, so don’t be pushy. But a true friend will want to know what’s going on in your life, so you can just talk about your experiences without begging them to join every time.

Always respect your friend’s point of view. If he isn’t interested at first, that’s OK. Over the long term, he might become interested when he hears more of your great stories.


Some guys might not be interested in the idea of going on a hike, but they might be open to the idea of picking up trash in your neighborhood. Other guys might not think it sounds so great to camp outdoors in a tent, but they might like the idea of creating a new game you all can play together.

However your friend feels, chances are there’s something in Cub Scouting for him. Maybe he’s not interested in the same Cub Scouting-related activities you are. Here’s your chance to try something different.

Riding a bike or catching a fish? Using a compass or using a pocketknife? Tying knots or shooting a bow and arrow?

The great thing about Cub Scouting is that there’s something for just about everyone.

Even that friend of yours who hasn’t joined … yet.


Have a friend who wants to know more about Scouting? Send them to, where they can get videos of Scouts in action as well as contact information for a unit in their area.

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