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Eureka! Scouts Find New Inventions in Oregon

Oregon Boy Scouts will be among the first in the country to earn the Inventing merit badge when they gather at EurekaFest at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry this weekend.

Scouts will learn all about inventing and how they can use their brains to solve some of the biggest problem in the world today. Interactive stations will include presentations from real-life inventors, opportunities to work hands-on with new inventions and, of course, a chance to build your own inventions as they work their way toward the Inventing merit badge.

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  1. Wow! There were an amazing number of scouts. It might have helped to have more adult mentors. Great Event!

  2. This was an awesome event! Tons of Scouts and Volunteers. OMSI was packed! There were lots of activities and demo’s. SolidWorks was giving away 150 day licenses to thier software!!! Tim Leatherman (Yes, the man who invented the Leatherman Multi-Tool) was there to show the process he used to invent early prototypes and to talk about present tools. The whole event was inspiring!

  3. Eurekafest was fun! Lots of people were there, and it was very interesting getting to meet all of the inventors (Columbia, Nike, Tim Leatherman) and having them explain their technologies to us. And as always, OMSI itself was just awesome.

  4. I attended the Eurekafest, and liked learning about all of the new Nike products! It was fun being able to talk to all of the interesting people there!

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