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To Campfire, Or Not to Campfire?

Many campers these days are moving away from traditional outdoor campfires and opting instead for chemical-fueled equipment, not only for cooking, but also for heating and lighting.

Old-fashioned campfires are great, but they also have some disadvantages: they consume organic material that could provide food or shelter for plants and animals, they must be closely watched to prevent them from spreading and they char the ground and mar the natural appearance of the area.

Camp stoves, on the other hand, burn nothing native to the backcountry, don’t scar the ground and are much quicker and convenient.

Earlier this year, the BSA updated its policy on the storage, handling and use of chemical fuels and equipment. Brush up on the new rules by clicking here.

If you ever find yourself stranded in the wild without your stove and in need of heat, learn how to build an emergency fire by clicking here.

Tell us what you do for heat and cooking in the comments section below.

3 Comments on To Campfire, Or Not to Campfire?

  1. I have to agree with realfire. Give me a blaze, not a dinky flame!

  2. If you have a fire pit, Why not? Also if your bringing in you own wood

  3. Fire rocks and is a must for any camp out.

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