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SIA Podcast Episode 3: He Saved His Mom After the SUV Crash!

Travis Mason, 18, and his mother, Kym Mason, were driving during a rainstorm. Their SUV went off the slippery road and rolled to the bottom of a ravine, throwing Mrs. Mason from the vehicle.

In the overturned SUV, Travis heard his mother crying for help. She was badly hurt.

Listen as Travis describes what he did to treat his mother in a true story of Scouts in Action.

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41 Comments on SIA Podcast Episode 3: He Saved His Mom After the SUV Crash!

  1. someone shoud recomend you for the core,you whoud be a big differnce

    • koala bear (koalas aren't bears!) // June 22, 2013 at 7:48 pm // Reply

      great job saving your mother! i bet she was blessed that you save her life (:

  2. wow im just a webelo but id do anything to save my family, i salute you 🙂

  3. i am so glad that there is scouts like you 😉

  4. great job man

  5. very good actions travis ;]

  6. What a brave man!!
    You really deserved that eagle Badge

  7. This cool

  8. Calliehondro // April 5, 2010 at 3:44 pm // Reply

    You did the right thing. You represented what it means to be a scout and I think you deserved the reward (Patch).

  9. WOW! what a brave kid

  10. s.i.a. lover // August 29, 2009 at 9:04 pm // Reply

    If that was me i would chicken out so much. iwonder how damaged the suv was. Im curently a a bear cub.

  11. Magician Mysterious // February 25, 2009 at 8:17 pm // Reply

    Travis you are really awesome i am glad you saved your mom you are a cool dude i just don’t know what to say…… GOOD JOB TRAVIS

  12. I read what you did and i thought that was really brave of you to save you mom. Great job man!

  13. man…… that stinks i bet the mom is thankful for her son

  14. You Should earn a First class of Reselence Badge

  15. BL LOVER 416 // July 6, 2008 at 12:56 pm // Reply

    I am a girl, but my brother and I can’t seem to stop reading your magazine! I always read the “Scouts in Action,” but I thought this one was so scary!! You were so brave!!!


  16. skotdilind // June 7, 2008 at 8:49 pm // Reply

    this person did a good thing

  17. first you call 911

  18. Im only a Wolf cub scout but your braveory was terrific it MUST of been scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Great job!!!

    Me – Yes, he was. =D

  21. great job. THank you for doing that

  22. Way to go Travis!! God was truly with you!!

  23. you are really bave tarvis

  24. Hey that was good thinking going out of the back of the car I hope your mom is ok because that must have felt weird going down the hill in the car ROLLING in sure it was scary and im just a Cub Scout i probably would have panicked.

    and in may im going to graduate to Boy Scouts. i’m still a Webelos scout yet. Hope your ok. Have fun as a Eagle Scout.

  25. I’m a girl, but my friend and I love your magazine! We read the SIA in every issue that we find in our school library. When I saw this issue, I couldn’t belive it! I’d be so scared…

  26. thats amazing. i would have freaked out and panicked. Even know my scout leader says never panic. I am currently in weblos. On December 21 i will be a boy scout. Good job Travis!!!

  27. WOW! You’re really brave! I don’t think I could even do that!!!!!!!!! I would be tooo scared to leave my mom alone. You’re a great hero!

  28. You were great!I can’t even do that.I would be scared.

  29. wow dude i couldnt do that i would get way to scared.i am currently a weblos 2 and im being promoted to boyscouts in january i can’t believe u didnt chicken out i would have probably

  30. Wow! It must took a lot of bravery to do that!

  31. Travis! I am proud to have a brother like you in scouting. You are great. Be a scout always. Wanna see you in Rovering.

  32. That was one amazing rescue!It’s great we’ve got people in the world like you!

  33. i just want to say that i always read scouts in action but this one just really got me right in the gut. you were very brave and helpfull. i am curently a first class scout and i am amazed at what you did. i know i would have helped her but i would have been so scared that somthing might have killed her. i also just want to say that if every one were like you i trulely beleive that this country would be a whole lot better. your mom is very lucky to have you as her son.

  34. You were very brave.

  35. Oh my gosh! Is she ok.

  36. Nice saving your mom Travis

  37. You must really love your mom you saved her even though you were hurt yourself. Good luck with your scouting.

  38. I bet your mom is thankful.

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