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5 Things to Check Before Every Bike Ride

For a safe and fun bicycle ride, make sure you check and maintain these important parts of your bike.

1. Make sure your tires are inflated at the correct pressure. Underinflated tires can result in cuts and damage.

2. Make sure the chain is clean and lubricated with a bike-specific lubricant. Less is best when it comes to lubricating. Wipe away any excess.

3. Check tires for cracks and cuts. Replace tires that are suspect in any way.

4. Make sure your brake pads are adjusted correctly and not too worn. If there is less than 1⁄8-inch of rubber outside the base, then the pads need to be replaced.

5. Whether you have side-pull brakes (shown here) or any other kind, make sure the cables are taut and not frayed. If you have any doubt about your brake cables, have them inspected by an expert. These things are important.

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  1. Put the front wheel between your legs and hold it. Try to turn the handlebars. Experience taught me to make sure the goose-neck is tight. Not a good experience mind you.

  2. thanks for the feedback

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