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Recap of My Favorite FIFA 15 Goals

It’s been a big year for me.

After nearly 700 games of FIFA 15 (on Xbox One), I’ve won a handful of titles and made it as high as Division 2. I think that’s right under the English Premiere League.

Anyway, with the release of FIFA 16 on September 22, I thought I’d recap my favorite goals of the year.

Here they are in no particular order:

Corner Kick to the Sniper Outside the Box

It’s always fun to score off of a corner kick, but when you can mix in a shot from 29′ out while wearing your team’s (Chelsea!) alternative kit, it’s always a little sweeter.

Defender with the Assist

It wasn’t looking good. I was in the box and all I could hope for was a penalty, but the defender sent the ball toward the back of the goal line. Luckily another defender was there to save the ball and pass it to me for an easy, open net goal. Whoops!

The Midfield Goal (the only goal on this list scored against me)

You’ve gotta be kidding me. When this happened, I facepalmed hard, then stared at the screen thinking that there’s no way this would ever happen in real life. Then Carli Lloyd did it against Japan in the National Women’s World Cup. Even if it was against me, it was still pretty cool.

Goalies Bailing on Their Post

This happens frequently, actually. I collected three clips that demonstrate how the computer-controlled goalkeepers decide to take some serious risks – and fail. As a player, there’s nothing more frustrating than being on the receiving end of one of these.

The Slow Roll

I fought hard to get this one past the defenders. In the end, I didn’t even need to put a foot on the ball to score. I guarantee you my opponent on Xbox Live wasn’t happy about this one.

The ‘Whose side are you on, Keeper?”

The keeper makes a great save, stands up and boots it into the net. It was as if he was saying “I can stop this if I want to, but I’d still like you to score.” He’s the best kind of opponent.


I’m looking forward to another year of great goals, occasional facepalms and maybe even finally snagging the EA Cup.

-Keith Faber

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  1. Awesome!!!!!

  2. Soccer is fun!

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