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5 Fun Games for Memorial Day

If you’re traveling for the big weekend (or even if you’re not), you’ll love these five great phone and tablet games. (Ask your parents before you buy those extra game things, though!)

Angry Birds Action!


You might not like the movie that much. But you’ll love the game. That’s because it’s a lot like action-filled pinball. The famous agitated birds from the movie wreak havoc on the pinball-like table. Boom! They act like a mighty wrecking ball. If you do see the movie, bring this game. You’ll unlock a big new area when you use the game during the final movie credits! (Rovio; Free with in-app purchases)

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It’s just pure fun. You’re an Octopus lobbing pizza pies to customers in skyscrapers. Don’t hit the laser shark or jetpack weiner dog, though. You can customize your Octopus with things like pirate hats. And that high-wire lobster is really cool! (Nickelodeon; Free)

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Vector 2


Run for your life! In this runner, you’re stuck in a slightly creepy research facility and trying desperately to get out. Dodge traps like an acrobat and acquire gear that will help you to keep going and going. (Nekki; Free with in-app purchases)

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Hovercraft: Takedown


Baddies have taken over the highways and byways. But you can defeat them by building and customizing your own hovercraft. What’s really wild? You can witness the chain reactions by hitting more than one baddie. Tip: The long-range cannons are super useful. (High Score Hero; Free with in-app purchases)

Google Play:

Hockey Stars


With the Stanley Cup Finals, the fastest game on ice is here through the warm weather of mid-June. And with Hockey Stars, you can play against online foes in one-versus-one battles. Unlock 80 new teams as you go. Get your pals to play, or play against the best in the world. (Miniclip; Free with in-app purchases)

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  1. what if i can not play video games?

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