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Here’s Your Big Minecraft Update!

Here's the latest scoop on Minecraft.


When Microsoft bought Minecraft for $2.5 billion, some people thought the blocky sensation would no longer be compelling. Actually, the opposite’s been true. Minecraft has gotten bigger — and better. Here’s your essential Minecraft update.

Bundles of Fun!

The new Xbox One S, the slimmer version of the console, has a Minecraft bundle inside. It’s not just the basic Minecraft, though. It includes a Minecraft that’s 16 times bigger than the 360 version, a Favorites pack with cool skins and textures, a Builders pack with a Greek myth mashup and a Windows 10 Minecraft code for your PC. The 500 gigabyte bundle is $299. There’s even a free, 14-day trial of Xbox Gold Membership.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Education Edition!

Ask your teacher to get Minecraft for schools. Who knows what awesome gems you and your classmates can come up with when you collaborate? You won’t know until you try! Science, geometry, math, literature: it all can be part of your school’s Minecraft experience.

Minecon Ruled!

So much went on at Minecon 2016! At the California convention, parents and kids could travel through a giant Minecraft home. You could also walk through Minecraft caves. You could shoot a bow and arrow at Creepers and Zombies. And you could take a picture in front of a giant Elder Guardian. There was an excellent building contest, too. You can see some of the events right here. (It all starts at about 46 minutes in.)

Check Out Add-Ons!

Just look at what’s in this video! With this update, you can customize the behavior of your mods. Rabbits can multiply with abandon. Giant Creepers will abound. And pigs can have a 150-foot blast radius. The best part? It’s Minecraft made easier.

Mine Chest

Mine Chest is like Loot Crate for Minecraft. For $30 a month plus tax and shipping (a little expensive if you ask me), you get a big box of Minecraft stuff, everything from socks to action figures to mugs. If you really love Minecraft, it’s probably worth the price of admission. Here’s an unboxing video.

MineCraft Story Mode

Telltale Games Minecraft Story mode is still going strong. Episode 8 is full of action and humor. But check out this slightly eerie trailer for Episode 7. I wouldn’t want to meet PAMA, the corrupt, giant computer in real life. That’s for sure!

– Harold Goldberg

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  1. been playing minecraft for YEARS, and #loveit!!!!!!!!

  2. I have minecraft. love the nether update

  3. the kool kid // October 6, 2018 at 4:35 pm // Reply

    minecraft story mode episode 7 = awesome

  4. Minecraft is very awsome📱

  5. NintendoScout99 // September 7, 2017 at 4:31 pm // Reply

    I don’t have minecraft yet, but I want it!!!!!!!!!

  6. Endercreep // April 16, 2017 at 3:13 am // Reply

    MINECRAFT IS AWESOME!!! (even though I have 1.5.2 offline)

  7. Sad because my Xbox 360 does not have enough memory to get latest update. Please tell me what it is.

  8. Minecraft is awesome! HAS ANYBODY SEEN HEROBRINE??!!


    • DatGreatGamer // April 2, 2017 at 1:59 pm // Reply

      well herobrine may not be real but it is a possibility for a hacker to go into another server as what the game would take as just another mob spawning in so it doesnt say anybody has joined then they will put on a herobrine skin and start trolling whoever is in that server

  10. Minecraft ROCKS

  11. Mine craft ROCKS

  12. Minecraft rules (even though GW2 is currently my fav


  14. rocketfire9000 // October 16, 2016 at 8:43 am // Reply


  15. minecraft is the best game ever

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