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6 Tips for Playing Madden 17 like a Pro


Start out on Rookie so you can use the new tools to become a better ball carrier, including the new ball carrier auto-moves.

Check out the new Run/Pass Counters in the Play Call menu. If the other team is beating you with short passes to the sideline, just choose the appropriate counter. You’ll get a list of plays to run that will help take away those quick passes.

When you need to make a game-changing play on Special Teams, look for the Punt Block plays in the playbook. With the right timing and play-call, you might be able to block that kick to take over the game.

Play Franchise mode fast and progress through your career with Play the Moment. This lets you jump in the game in critical situations, like inside the RedZone and important third downs, while simulating through other parts of the game. You can get through an entire season in a weekend and move on to the offseason, when you can dedicate more time to customizing your team.

Try Game Planning in Franchise mode to prepare your scheme to counter upcoming opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. Plays you practice during the week give you a bonus on game day.

The new team of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis provides commentary unique to your personal career in Franchise mode. Listen for new commentary throughout the year in all the modes.

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