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Which game system is best?

There are pros and cons to every game system out there. What’s best for you? It’s up to you to decide.

nintendo-ds_lite1.jpgDS Lite

Category: Portables

Cost: $129

Features: Two screens; WiFi wireless; touch-sensitive screen. Plays Game Boy Advance and DS games.

The Good: This best-selling system has a huge library of games. Rechargeable battery can last up to 19 hours. Good price.

The Not So Good: Least powerful of the new systems, with poorest graphics. Holding system and using stylus can be clumsy.


Category: Portables

Cost: $170

Features: High-resolution wide screen; WiFi. Plays games and movies on mini DVDs called UMDs.

The Good: The nicest screen ever included in a handheld. UMDs make for bigger and better looking games.

The Not So Good: Smaller and often disappointing library of games. System and games designed more for adults.

playstation3.jpgPlayStation 3

Category: Consoles

Cost: $400 for 40 GB hard drive. $500 for 80 GB hard drive.

Features: Plays games and movies on Blu-Ray and DVD disks; WiFi. Backward compatible to PS2; wireless controllers.

The Good: The most powerful game system ever made; games look great. Many online options.

The Not So Good: Costs nearly twice as much as other systems. Few games released for 2007; most are for adults. Some problems with backward compatibility.


Category: Consoles

Cost: $250

Features: Uses wireless motion-tracking controller called Wii-mote: WiFi; backward compatible to GameCube.

The Good: Wii-mote is unique. Comes with Wii Sports. Better backward compatibility than PS3 or Xbox 360. Family-friendly library and excellent classic games through online service.

The Not So Good: By far the least powerful of the new consoles. Few must-have games, and Nintendo has announced few future games than Microsoft or Sony. Does not play movies.

xboxelitewidec.jpgXbox 360

Category: Consoles

Cost: $280 for Xbox 360 Arcade (256MB memory unit); $350 for Xbox 360 Premium (20 GB hard drive); $450 for Xbox 360 Elite (120 GB hard drive).

Features: Uses wireless controllers; plays games and movies on DVD; Internet connectivity.

The Good: Largest game library. Best online offerings. Can play high-def DVD movies.

The Not So Good: Severe overheating problems. Limited backward compatibility. System and games generally designed for adults.

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  3. wii u

  4. Really good reviews

  5. Construct Master // November 21, 2013 at 3:27 pm // Reply

    Yeah, Xbox Games Are More For Adults. But I Still Love It, Mainly For HALO. Just Got one, and lovin it!

  6. Xbox is number 1 on gamescale of one to ten

  7. I myself perfer the PS3 over Xbox, however, they are all great consoles. Also, I like the free Playstation Network of PS3 over the payed online gaming for the 360.

  8. contractDean // July 21, 2013 at 9:39 am // Reply

    Best gaming system best graphics best controller best everything …is playing OUTSIDE…can I get an amen!!!

  9. Ps3 by far

  10. Ps3 is the best system by far better than anything PC xbox wii dc and all that crp ps3 has the best games too although I like x box a little 2 nd best system last wii

  11. Gaming PC pwns all others. No question about it.

  12. GAMING PC >:)

  13. I’d like to point out the Wii u will have twice the power as the Wii, the other systems New ones will have 6 times the power I beleive. And about Xbox online stuff, ps3 can do all the same, and can read blue ray wich 360 can’t, altho there both good systems I’d say ps3 is much better quality, plus you don’t have to pay to use the online such should always be free

  14. I think the xboxs 720 is going to be cooool

  15. i think the xbox 360 is the best and always be better than ps3, but there both better than wii

  16. i like the Xbox 360

  17. ocean gang 3210 // November 30, 2011 at 2:02 pm // Reply

    ps3 the best game system ever

  18. what’s next? a ds with a phone intalled?
    by the way, psp sounds cool!

  19. i am video games // September 10, 2011 at 9:13 pm // Reply

    i need some help deciding between ps3 or xbox 360

  20. but mostly ps3

  21. I think ps3 & xbox360 are both great consolls. So they both have about the same scall 1 to 10

  22. 3ds or wii for me

  23. 3DS rules and the WiiU is going to be twice as powerfull as all the other systems on the market and their scussers.

  24. thefaynster // July 12, 2011 at 9:35 am // Reply

    XBOX360 is the absolute BEST! I think it is the best because you can download game demos and full games without having to have another case and disk clutter up your cabinet. You can also connect to your PC and watch youtube, netflix, and hulu. It can even play the older XBOX games and let you watch DVD movies! 🙂

  25. xbox 360 kinect

  26. Anonymous // May 27, 2011 at 3:50 pm // Reply

    *Cough Cough*

    Sega Dreamcast.

  27. banister master1 // April 15, 2011 at 10:59 pm // Reply

    xbox 360

  28. This stuff is WAY outdated. The PSP 3000 is 130 now. The PS3 160 GB is 300. The wii is 200. The Xbox 160 GB is 300.

  29. 3ds is amazing the screen literally pops out in 3d whit out using special 3d glases. And it has so many fetures that are hard to discribe! AND it has stuff that no other game system has!

  30. all this advice aint working ps3 xbox 360 3ds seriesly guys there making a new psp which one is the best?

  31. Playstation 3 is the best I have one and it has the best graphics, you can download music, there’s netflix, you can put photos, and you can play movies and cds. You can also use your PSP as a remote for the ps3.

    My point, PS3 is the BEST

  32. the xbox 360 has a over problem
    the ps3 has a over heating problem
    the is for old and fat people
    so really there all the same
    but the ps3 it better quitey
    the 30 has good graphies
    i like all the systems besides the wii.

  33. xbox360 is the best ^^/ :]

  34. the xbox360 slim is the best. Kinect is much better than the move

  35. I think the PS3 is the best I have one and it is AWESOME
    it plays dvds blu-ray and the graphics are the best

  36. i think play station 3 slim is the best game system im not lying so go out there and by a play station 3

  37. the best game systems were the playstation 3 and 360 and the wii.

  38. the 360 has better games than ps3 and wii combined

  39. kaeden rocks // August 5, 2010 at 9:21 am // Reply

    wii is the best

  40. ps3 🙂

  41. the best i think would probably be XBOX 360, and to the earlier conversation, i thought they would make them……. i just wasn’t sure….

  42. Would everyone be quiet about what the best system. Just buy a system for the games. Be happy with what you have and stop trying to say which is the best cause in 3 years everyone will play ps4 xbox 720 and wii 2.

  43. go research NINTENDO 3DS! a DS in well, 3D

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