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Download a Printable Paper Chess Set That You Can Make at Home

Play chess anywhere with this downloadable paper chess set. Just print out the template, cut out the pieces and start playing!



1. Print out the paper chess template in color or black-and-white. Use normal settings with the smallest possible margins for best results.

2. Use scissors to cut out the pieces by following the dotted lines.

3. Assemble each piece with stands.

4. Play a game of chess! Visit for tips, or check out the Chess merit badge.

Paper chess template and instructions courtesy of Matt Murray and Chess and Co.

10 Comments on Download a Printable Paper Chess Set That You Can Make at Home

  1. it is a very cool set!

  2. i could beat everyone in chess

  3. I am not able see how to make this

  4. This works!

  5. wow this is amazing!

  6. The pdf will only print on one side of the paper.
    How do I make it print on both sides so that my chess set is colored on both sides?

  7. WOuldn’t be able to relize that, thanks

  8. I love this chess set!! What a great idea!!

  9. Fantastic!
    Just the preparation is a move toward developing
    analytical and motor skills.
    Just what we need for the lock-down!

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