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Inside the December 2014 Issue

Here’s what you’ll find inside the December 2014 issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Remember, many articles are exclusive to the printed magazine and are not available online.

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On the December 2014 cover

Igloos in Paradise

When done right, an igloo can keep you nice and cozy even on the coldest winter night.

This month’s other features

The Cutting Edge

Looking for a new knife or multitool? Gear Guy is here to help.

Lending a Hand

Troop 2 didn’t just hike the Palmetto Trail for fun. The guys hiked with a purpose.

The Ultimate Test

Winterfest brings together 3,000 Venturers and Explorers to challenge their limits.


Sky’s the Limit

Learn the origins behind 10 all-new characters from Skylanders Trap Team.

BL Workshop: Build a rustic clothes rack
Gather some branches, make a simple frame and create this handy clothes rack.


Only in our Boy Scout edition

Scouting Around

The World Jamboree, VFW scholarships, starting a rock collection.

Visit the Scouting Around blog

Survival at Sea

Four stories of seafarers who beat the odds.

700 Feet of Terror story

Fiction: 700 Feet of Terror

“Everything turned terribly wrong when a giant shelf of snow gave way and closed on me like the jaws of an angry lion.”

Only in our Cub Scout edition

Let’s Look at Mount Everest

Read it! Color it! Get it all in this special Cub Scout section.


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And more!

November 2014 ComicsLook for the regular score of comics, jokes, games, Scouts in Action, Tradin’ Post and more! Only in the DECEMBER issue of Boys’ Life!

The Wacky Adventures of Pedro
Pee Wee Harris
Scouts in Action
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  1. I’m glad I got to see some info about some skylanders and villens in the new skylanders trap team🎮😄

  2. i love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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