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How to Make a DIY Wilderness Survival Kit

This 2-pound do-it-yourself wilderness survival kit could save your life for at least three days in the wild.


We suggest storing these items in a single zip-close bag.

STAY SHARP: You should have a pocketknife during most outings, anyway, but never go into the wild without a dependable, easy-to-use blade.

TAKE COVER: Even in wilderness survival situations, you need a good shelter. A tube tent is a great lightweight option that’s easy to pack and very affordable.

SLEEP WARM: It’s not a long-term option, but an emergency sleeping bag will keep you warm and takes up only a few square inches of space.

FIRE SOURCE AND TINDER: Store fresh strike anywhere matches in a waterproof case to get a blaze going fast. Throw in a handful of dryer lint or petroleum-jelly-covered cotton balls as tinder.

SIGNALING: Get the attention of rescuers with a signal mirror and high-quality whistle.

INSECT CONTROL: A pack of insect-repellent towelettes takes up far less space than a spray bottle.

SHINE BRIGHTLY: A small LED flashlight will provide plenty of visibility in unknown environments. Don’t forget fresh batteries, too.

WRAP IT UP: We suggest wrapping a length of duct tape (a few feet) around your flashlight handle.

DRINK UP: Safe water is scarce in the wild. Make the water you do find safer to consume with a personal water filter and potable water tablets.

A survival kit does not replace the 10 Scout Outdoor Essentials. Learn more at

10 Comments on How to Make a DIY Wilderness Survival Kit

  1. 👾👾👾👾 // March 14, 2024 at 11:57 am // Reply

    Thank you so very much for this 🤪🤪🤪

  2. This is a very reliable kit

  3. you also need a floor for the tent or you will sleep on the dirt and sticks.

  4. Suggest knife sharpener… a dull knife is dangerous

  5. I think that this is a good idea!!!!!

  6. a tube tent can work if you tape one end mostly shut. That said, I hate the things. My kit has a microflashlight, enough cordage to lash up a quick shelter or make a few snares, swissarmy huntsman knife ( which I carry anyway) a tiny compass, 2 fishhooks,line, waterproof matches, and a life straw. Weighs about 12 oz. and fits in an Altoids tin.

  7. How much money for the Diy wilderness survival kit?

  8. Whiskey Sierra // February 20, 2019 at 10:51 pm // Reply

    Check out the “STORM” whistle. Our Troop bought 12 of them, put them on lanyards, and numbered them with permanenet marker. We issue them to each Scout on campouts and hikes. When they turn them back in at end of the event, we soak them in lukewarm water with sanitabs, then rinse thoroughly, dry and store for the next event.

  9. Really??? A tube tent? I challenge you to actually use one on the rain! Its design means it will catch rain no matter which direction the wind is blowing.

    • You can slice open the tube tent and make it into a tarp, which you can set up however you like (lean-to, etc.). So it’s rally not that bad of a choice, since they’re cheap and easy to find.

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