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How to Keep Your Head Warm in Cold Weather

You might have heard that you can lose at least half your body heat through your head.

Well, that’s a myth. It’s closer to about 10% if your head isn’t covered. Still, that heat loss can leave you chilly, so it’s important to keep your noggin insulated. Here are some options:

Stocking hat. These hats, often made of wool or fleece, will keep your head warm even if the hat becomes damp.

Balaclava. This type of stocking hat covers more than the top of your head; it also extends over your neck, leaving only a small portion of your face exposed.

Hood. A parka jacket often includes an attached hood that you can throw over your head to provide protection from the wind and heat loss. Some hoods feature a fur ruff around your face, designed to catch moisture from your breath so it doesn’t collect inside the hood.

Scarf. You can wrap a wool or fleece scarf around your neck for warmth and pull it up over your face to shield it from the wind.

Neck warmer. A fleece or knitted wool neck warmer, also called a gaiter, can stretch around your neck and lower head to insulate both

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