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Stuff We Like: JakPak

It’s a jacket. Wait, it’s a sleeping bag. No, it’s a tent. Actually it’s a JakPak, an interesting new waterproof jacket with a built-in, deployable pack that converts the thing into a bivy sack (a tiny one-man tent).

At first glance, the JakPak ($300; looks like any other outdoor-style rain jacket, but positioned inside the back of the jacket is a fold-down sleeping bag. Just slip your legs in, then reach over your shoulder, open the pocket, and pull the tent out and over your head. It comes with pre-curved hoop poles to hold the tent over your head and includes mosquito netting to keep biting pests out.At 2 lbs 15 oz. it’s not exactly lightweight for a jacket, but not heavy at all given it’s a jacket, sleeping bag and tent. Either way, this is definitely the sort of jacket you’d want to be wearing if you happen to get lost in the woods. A night in the JakPak may not be the best night of sleep of your life, but the sleeping bag is rated for +45 degree Fahrenheit so depending on the weather, at least you’d survive.

The designer of the JakPak was inspired to create this product as an all-in-one jacket and shelter for homeless people but soon realized it could be very handy for outdoorsmen, hunters, and sports fans too. Cool idea indeed, but we’re not going to get rid or our sleeping bags and tents just yet.

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2 Comments on Stuff We Like: JakPak

  1. demiathenianlockpicker // October 9, 2010 at 11:35 am // Reply

    Awesome! Where can we find one on sale?

  2. I want one! looks like they are only $249.99

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