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How to replace a skateboard’s grip tape


Q. Help, Gear Guy! The grip tape on my skateboard is starting to fall off. How do I remove it?
— Loosey Goosey, Willoughby, Ohio

A. It might seem like a tough job, but it’s actually pretty easy.

First, remove the trucks from your deck. Then get a hair dryer and a hobby knife. Use the hair dryer to heat the grip tape on the tail or nose of your board. This will loosen the adhesive enough for you to slide the knife under the edge of the tape. Carefully work the blade around the edge of the board, using the hair dryer as needed to reheat it.

Once you’ve peeled up all the edges, crank up the hair dryer again and heat up the entire surface of the board for two or three minutes. Now put one foot on the deck and slowly pull up the tape, starting at one end. If you’re lucky, it’ll all peel off in one big chunk.

Use the blade to scrape off any leftover tape. Your board will be really sticky, but that doesn’t matter because you’re just going to be putting a new piece of grip tape on top.

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  1. Just did this worked well enough for me, only time will tell weather it lasts

  2. Umm, boi, why don’t you just go to your local skate shop and buy whole new deck and grip. But if you rally want to make your Walmart skateboard last another two hours I would suggest asking a worker at a skate shop.

  3. sounds easy enough.

  4. Thanks!!!

  5. This is not how you do it and it will ruin your board.

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