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Where to Find a Good Fishing Pole for Backpacking?

Q: My troop is going on a hike, and there will be several ponds where I’d like to fish along the way. What pole should I take that can handle being carried around and that will fit in my pack?
— Caden, Mount Pleasant, Utah

A: If you want to something to put in your pack, look at lightweight telescopic rods, which can collapse down to a foot or two in length, or fishing gadgets, like the KA-BAR Backpack Kaster ($17, At only 4 ounces and barely longer than 6 inches, the Kaster has an empty handle that can store your lures inside and your line around the outer spool. It might not give you the same versatility as a long pole, but it’s really handy while out on a hike.

Remember to obey all fishing laws, including catch limits and the need for a license or permit.

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2 Comments on Where to Find a Good Fishing Pole for Backpacking?

  1. The old fashion “Pocket Fisherman” is a great set up for $22.00. 12″ long when folded up, 24″ open. Has a built in tackle box too. It’s tough enough to hang outside the pack. Give it a look.

  2. There are a whole string (no pun intended)of fishing gear to suit your need. Check out the kid kits at most stores that sell fishing gear. The smallest ones are only about 24 inches long and come with a very small tackle box (pack friendly)and under 30 bucks. You won’t get long casts but they’ll catch fish. The hard decision is what super hero to pick.

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