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Stuff We Like: SansBug Mosquito Nets

Nothing is quite as annoying as trying to sleep while little biting bugs buzz around your face. If you’re sleeping under the stars or in a canvas wall tent, you might want to consider getting a mosquito net.

SansBug ($50, makes a pop-up bug barrier that sets up in seconds. At 6 feet long and nearly 3 feet of headroom, it has plenty of space to spread out. It zips up so you’re fully enclosed, and the fine mesh netting keeps the bugs out.

It folds away into a 26-inch disc, weighing 2 ½ pounds. Visit the company website to watch how to properly fold it up or to find larger models.

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  1. Committee chair guy @ Trp 417 Largo, FLA // July 4, 2020 at 10:39 am // Reply

    I purchased the SansBug for my son, just before summer camp here in FLA. He and I are totally happy w/ the SansBug. It sets up in a second(make sure everyone stands back) and the zippers are heavy duty(good quality). It also fits perfectly on a standard cot.
    I would recommend purchasing this product.

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