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High-Quality Rain Ponchos That Are Also Affordable

Q: My troop camps a lot, and sometimes it rains. What is some quality rain gear that’s also affordable?
— Timmy, Anchorage, Alaska

A: You can invest in a rain jacket and pants, but quality can get expensive. If you’re watching your wallet, look at ponchos.

Emergency ponchos cost a dollar or two and work OK if you get caught in the rain. However, many don’t fit very well, so your arms and legs could still get pretty wet.

Good options include the Sara Glove reusable rain poncho ($7,, which feels like a shower curtain liner and repels water well.

Frogg Toggs’ Ultra-Lite2 Poncho ($20, features side snaps and an adjustable hood — great features to maximize comfort.

If you want something that can easily fit over your backpack while you hike, consider the Sea to Summit Nylon Tarp Poncho ($60, When you reach camp, it unfolds so you can use it as a tarp shelter.

But my favorite is the Terra Hiker rain poncho ($14, It has a brimmed hood, Velcro along the sides and snaps at the neckline, plus a drawstring to adjust the hood. You can also use it as a ground cover; it has corner grommets so you can stake it in place.

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  1. You are very professional

  2. 2 comments:
    1 if near an active military base you could look into getting some military ponchos. They are large, snap down the sides, and have adjustable hoods. They also make good shelters in a pinch…
    2 when using as a shelter, remember to pull the draw string on the hood/neck closed so that it won’t leak all over the person using it to keep him/her and their sleeping bag dry.

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