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3 Quality Multitools That Are Made in America

Q: I am looking for a quality multitool made in America. I have $100 to spend on it. I want to be able to open it with one hand.
— Sam, Bismarck, North Dakota

A: With those requirements, my first choice would be the Leatherman Wave+ ($100, At 4 inches long, it’s sleek, compact and packed with 18 tools — including two steel blades that are nearly 3 inches. They’re both easily accessible using just your thumb. It’s a little tough to open with one hand, though. Once it’s open, you can get to the screwdrivers, scissors and pliers.

Another top pick is the SOG PowerAccess ($65, I found the 4-inch multitool easy to flip open with one hand. All of its 18 tools — other than the pliers — can be accessed while the tool is closed. A nice plus with this one is a pocket clip.

If you want to save some cash, consider the 17-tool Gerber Truss ($50, You will need two hands to open it, but once open, its spring loaded pliers are comfortable to use. The other tools, including two 2-inch blades, scissors and a saw, are available on the multitool’s exterior.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these; sometimes, it comes down to personal preference. I loved the Leatherman’s bigger blades, but SOG’s tools were the easiest to access, and I liked Gerber’s locking mechanism the best.

When it comes to American-made, all of these companies are headquartered in the U.S., where they make many, if not all, of their products.

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2 Comments on 3 Quality Multitools That Are Made in America

  1. Why is being made in America so important? Not every part of these multitools are sourced from U.S. materials, many have overseas components; just because final assembly is stateside doesn’t make it any better or worse.

  2. I’ve been carrying my Wave for a couple years.
    It is my 3rd leatherman, and I’ve owned 2 gerber multitools before as well.

    I like the wave for its features and very positive lock.

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