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Stuff We Like: Bug Bite Thing

When a mosquito bites you, it injects its saliva into your skin. Your body then reacts to this foreign substance — usually with an itchy red bump.

The Bug Bite Thing ($10, is designed to suck out the insect’s spit from under your skin to prevent swelling and itching. Place the plastic device over the bite as soon as you can after being bitten, and pull on the handles to create suction. Hold it in place for 10-20 seconds, and then release. The itching should go away.

Since everyone’s bodies react differently, results might vary. For me, the itching returned after a few hours. I used the device again, and the itching went away. It did leave a temporary circular mark from the suction, so don’t use this device on sensitive skin (like on your face).

Other mosquito bite treatments include placing ice on the bite, applying a paste made from baking soda and water, or using an anti-itch cream. The Bug Bite Thing is another good treatment to try.

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