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Watch Out, Bug! These Plants Are Hungry

We don’t usually think of plants as predators, but some plants do eat insects and other small creatures. Since they can’t chase prey, these carnivorous (meat-eating)

Effective bug sprays

bugspray-200x148Q. My Scout Troop took a four-day backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The mosquitoes were the biggest problem on the trip. I used several different bug sprays, and only one of them worked. But the one that worked only worked for about 15 minutes. What type of bug spray (preferably natural) could I use that would keep the mosquitoes away for at least an hour? Also, I’ve heard that there is clothing that keeps bugs away. How effective is this clothing?

What are no-see-ums?

Biting midges can be a nuisance to campers, fishermen, hunters, hikers, gardeners, and others who spend time outdoors. Here's how to treat their bites.