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Budget BMX bike

Q. Hey Gear Guy, I have a problem: I’m getting a little too “old” for my BMX bike. I’ve had it for three years, but now I need a new one. My saddle is too low, and when I stand on the pedals for a while, my back begins to hurt. There’s one big problem: I’m kind of low on the green stuff (if you know what I mean). Any suggestions?
—Biking Ike, Ocala, Fla.

A. I’m guessing you’re growing both older and taller. And eventually that does spell: bigger bike. While most BMX bikes are meant to be ridden with the seat lower than other style bikes, you can use a wrench to raise your seat. If it’s not up all the way (there’s usually a line on the seatpost showing maximum height) raise it up and that might get you a few more months out of your old bike while you look for a new one. You also mention you’re low on cash. Well, if you’re on a budget your best bet is to look for a new used bike. You might be able to find a good deal on a brand new bike at Wal-Mart or something like that, but they often lack durability and quality. You’re way better off looking for a gently used brand name bike in the online classifieds for your local newspaper or on craigslist in your area. Avoid bikes with excessive rust and always take it for a test ride before buying. If you’re patient, there are always good deals to be had on used bikes. Good luck hunting.

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  1. i realy want that bike for chistmas.

  2. Cool story bro…

  3. Try your local bike shop…they might have a used bike just your size, or be able to hook you up with someone who does….

  4. If you want new that can be expensive, I agree. If you want one that fits you better and you don’t mind used, check the pawn shops. I have picked up 2 good condition bikes that only needed air in the tires for 1/3 or less than the cost of new. Know what you are looking at and for because the pawn shop has no idea usually. Use your Cycling MB check list. Also, no store warranty.

  5. give you old bike to some one who needs one and do survice projects for money for a new bike

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