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Why Does My Propane Stove Leave Soot on My Cookware?

Q: Every time I use my propane stove, it leaves black soot all over my cookware. How can I stop this from happening? What is causing that soot?
— Alicia, Peoria, Arizona

A: Flames on propane stoves should burn blue. Check the color of your flames — are they yellow? That’s a sign the fuel and oxygen are not mixing properly, which then forms carbon particles, or soot.

This soot sticks to your pots and pans, preventing them from heating efficiently. Clean your cookware after cooking to keep any soot from building up.

To prevent soot from forming, disassemble and clean your stove’s parts. There might be a blockage or a leak. By cleaning and inspecting each part, you might discover a piece that needs to be replaced.

When you reassemble your stove, make sure the nozzle fits correctly and that you’re using the correct fuel for your stove. Remember to use your equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions and use only BSA-recommended chemical fuels, like propane, butane and isobutane.

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  1. I need to avoid black soots

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