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Good Sleeping Bag for a Cub Scout?

Q: I’m going on my first campout with my Cub Scout pack. What’s a good sleeping bag to get?
— Marcus, Charlotte, North Carolina

A: When shopping for any sleeping bag, the goal is the same: You want one that keeps you warm and comfortable.

Follow your budget. You can find affordable bags that keep you comfy for a pack overnighter or council-run campout.

Consider Redcamp mummy sleeping bags ($33-$40, With temperature ratings as low as 32 degrees, they should keep you warm on most campouts. Their mummy style helps keep heat close to you. Rectangular-shaped sleeping bags work well in the summer or if you like to spread out when you sleep.

Redcamp bags are designed for youth up to 4 feet, 6 inches tall. When you cross over into an older Scout program, you can look at bigger sleeping bags for adventures beyond car camping.

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