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Sleeping bag

How to Buy the Best Sleeping Bag

A good sleeping bag can make the difference between comfort and a long, miserable night. Stay warm and comfy in one of these sleeping bags.

Repairing a sleeping bag

My dad gave me an old Marmot sleeping bag, and it has two small holes in it and some down feathers are coming out. The sleeping bag works just fine, but how do I stop the feathers from coming out?

Sleeping bag is too cold

Q. I have a 20-degree-rated sleeping bag that I use with a fleece liner, but in late fall and early winter, I'm still cold. I've tried everything -- what should I do?

Getting comfortable in a sleeping bag

Q. I've been camping for years but am still having trouble getting comfortable when I'm sleeping. I can only sleep on my side with my right arm under my pillow but that can be trouble on cold nights when my mummy bag is cinched up tight. Any help Gear Guy?

Why is my sleeping bag so cold?

sleepingbag-200x148Dear Gear Guy, I have a 30-degree rated backpacking sleeping bag but still get cold in above freezing temperatures. Can you recommend a good bag that is light enough to carry and will still keep me warm? Thanks!

Where to buy the Cub Scout lightweight bag

Q. Hi Mr. Gear Guy. I saw a sleeping bag in Boys’ Life. It is called Cub Scout lightweight bag and says Cub Scouts on the actual sleeping bag. Where can I purchase that bag? Thanks!

Warm sleeping bag

Q. I have bought, used and received a lot of sleeping bags, and I just can't seem to find one that's warm enough. Please help.

Stuff We Like: Compression sacks

Among the handiest accessories for backpacking are waterproof compression stuff sacks. They are great for compressing your clothes into a manageable size for easy packing or to make a bulky sleeping bag fit inside your pack.

Good sleeping bag at a good price

sleepingbagQ. Hey Gear Guy, I am going cold-weather camping later this month, and I need a good new sleeping bag at a good price that I can use for a long time. It needs to be: Synthetic, at most 15 degrees, at most 4 pounds, and compact enough for backpacking. We are low on cash at the moment, so is there anything out there that I can get for around $100 that meets those requirements?

Lightweight but warm sleeping bags

sleepingbag-200x148Q. I need to get a good sleeping bag that weighs two pounds at most and will keep me warm in at least 30-degree weather. What kind of bag should I look for?

Sleeping bag that does it all

sleepingbag-200x148I mostly do warm-weather camping, but sometimes I go on winter camp-outs. I can only afford one sleeping bag, so can you recommend one that would work for both?