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Good camping pillow

Q. Dear Gear Guy, I need a good camping pillow that is not too expensive and can be used easily on backpacking trips.
—Brian Hardhead, Dallas, Texas

A. Hey man, thanks for the question. Getting quality sleep on the trail is definitely super important, and often the key is having a comfy pillow. There are a couple options to consider. Though some use inflatable pillows, I find those uncomfortable and much prefer either a regular travel pillow or simply a stuffsack filled with my extra clothes. Here are two products to consider:

  • REI Basecamp Pillow ($10.50; This one is a basic, comfy pillow that’s relatively compressible and lightweight. Affordable too!
  • Therm-a-Rest Trekker Pillow Case ($10.95; When I’m backpacking, I usually use a simple nylon stuffsack for my pillow case. It works but this soft, brushed polyester pillow case is way more comfortable.

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  1. Bought two inflatable pillows with open cell foam on one side at Wal-mart a few years back. They work great, oh yeah … cost $4.00 each. Nothing is more compact either other than not having a pillow.

  2. We use a sleeping bag stuff sack that when reversed has fleece on one side. You stuff your sweatshirt or other clothes inside and use it for a pillow. No need to carry anything extra when backpacking.

  3. I can honestly say that this is a good pillow I have used it for years and it is very good. Of corse because it was designed for backpacking and to be light it is small. But its size is the only thing bad about it.

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