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Where Can I Find Cheaper Gear?

Q: What is the best option for buying cheaper gear?
— Alyssa, Camarillo, California

A: First, check the Scout Shop. It sells high-quality camping gear with Scouts in mind: They carry what you need at affordable prices.

You can find discounted gear at outdoor equipment outlet stores like REI Outlet. Some sporting goods stores and gear companies also offer discounts for Scouts. You might find great deals at thrift shops or large retail stores like Walmart and Target.

When you’re shopping, look for brands you’ve seen reviewed in Scout Life or gear that a friend or Scout leader has recommended. It’s better to save up a little bit and buy a tested product than get something super cheap that won’t last. Sales happen throughout the year, but you’ll often find the best deals in the winter before gear companies release new products and last season’s stuff goes on clearance.

Ask other troops if they’d like to organize a gear swap. Or get resourceful and make your own gear — just check Scout Life’s How-To’s!

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