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Boy Scout socks

Q. Yo, Gear Guy, Where can you find some Boy Scout socks? I need a couple pairs for campouts and for board of reviews.
—Sockless Benjamin, Tampa, Fla.

A. Yo, Sockless. That’s simple: Buy them online at They have more than a dozen of official Boy Scout socks to choose from, starting at $2 and up to about $16. Done.

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6 Comments on Boy Scout socks

  1. 2019 Illinois and the ankle height and crew height are both 7.99 + tax
    A PAIR at the boy scout shop in Iowa and after a 45 minute drive one way! He is to be there a week and maybe then an additional week. We just did the pants and shorts and the other items. We are easily looking at 2-300$ And that was with one pair of the BSA official socks! I didn’t go, they did! 🙂 So, this is baloney! I can see scouts getting their feet all messed up because they can’t afford it! He is CIT and just outgrew things and so we had a nasty surprise days before he leaves and we find out his list of REQUIRED items! Uniform all week unless he is in CIT t-shirt or sleeping! Now I understand why the $$ cut for price of camp. It is to supply these kids with clothes and socks!

  2. $2 where? The cheapest I see is $8.

  3. Where can you get the ones with the red tops???

  4. Awesomeness // August 27, 2011 at 3:01 pm // Reply

    I saw them at the scout store. So you can go to the one in your area.

  5. hey sockless, you can get them at scout camp at the camps trading post.

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