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Buying a good trail running shoe

Q. Hey Gear Guy, I run a lot, and I like to run while at summer camp. Problem is, when I wear my normal running shoes, I get blisters; and when I wear a hiking shoe, it chafes my ankles. Any suggestions for a running shoe that is good for a rough camp trail?
—Josh the Jogger, Offutt Air Force Base, Neb.

A. Hey Josh. Good question. First off, hiking shoes don’t make the best running shoes because they are usually too heavy and stiff for running. What you need is a trail running shoe. Trail runners are much like normal running shoes except they have more support, traction and durable soles designed to help cushion your feet from the irregular terrain and pounding you get while running on rough trails. A good all-around trail runner that has plenty of stability, extra traction, and won’t break the bank is the Brooks Trailblade ($85; As for getting blisters while wearing your normal running shoes, spend the extra money and buy a quality pair of socks like the Drymax 1/4 Trail Running ($11.50; with good cushioning and material that wicks the sweat away to keep your feet dry and hopefully, blister-free.

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  1. I agree with the comments above, but I am also a big fan of Solomon trail shoes 4D Pros. Another assist would be to put talc on your feet before you sock up and in the shoes. Another idea would be to double sock or use mole skin on your feet.

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