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Which inexpensive cot is best?

Q. Dear Gear Guy, I’m going on a camp-out soon and need to buy a cot. What kind of inexpensive cot do you think is best? Thanks!
Billy the Cot-less Kid, Byron, Ga.

A. Yo Billy, thanks for the question. I’ve been getting quite a few cot-related questions lately, so you’re not alone. There’s a wide range of cots on the market, some costing up to $150. But for your needs, which sounds like a car camping-style outing, the Wenzel Camp Folding Cot ($45; should work just fine. It’s super basic, plenty comfortable, and simple to set up. There are definitely lighter-weight cots (this one weighs 14 lbs.) and more compact choices (the Wenzel just folds in half while others collapse neatly); still this cot should do the trick—and I even found it online for $35!

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  1. My experience has been some cots squeak as you move in the cot…very noisy. The combination of the fabric on the wood or aluminum just makes for a bad experience. Any idea on which cots are quiet and which are noisy.

  2. Walmart or online is best!

  3. I LOVE my Byer TriLite cot. It’s small, cost effective, and provides a great night of sleep!

  4. BigGuyz

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