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Stuff We Like: SOL Escape Bivvy

SOL stands for “Survive Outdoors Longer” and that’s the idea with the new SOL Escape Bivvy ($50, It’s part emergency space blanket, like those shiny, crinkly blankets designed to reflect your body heat and keep you warm in an emergency such as getting lost in the woods overnight. It weighs just 8 ounces and packs down as small as a Nalgene water bottle so the Escape Bivvy fits easily in any daypack. But unlike most space blankets, which are clammy and sweaty to sleep in, this one is waterproof and breathable. That means experienced backpackers who like to travel fast and light can use this as a minimalist bivvy sack (part tent/part sleeping bag) and still get a comfy night’s rest.

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2 Comments on Stuff We Like: SOL Escape Bivvy

  1. I used this for the wilderness survival meritbadge and it worked great.

  2. lol im getting one for christmas.

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