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Compact first-aid kit

Q. How can I make my first-aid kit small enough to fit inside a fanny pack but still have all the stuff I need?

— Compact Kevin, Junction, Tex.

A. Hmmm, that can be a little tricky, Kevin. But here’s what I’d do: First, head to the kitchen and snag a quart-size plastic freezer bag. You know, like a Ziploc. You won’t be able to include everything on our list of essentials, so pick the things you think you’ll need the most. (Click here to see our list.) Roll the excess air out of the bag, seal it and maybe even throw a strip of duct tape around it to keep it as compact as possible. Good for you, Kevin, for being prepared!

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9 Comments on Compact first-aid kit

  1. Instead of a tube of antibiotic ointment you can buy or ask your doctor or hospital for a few packets of antibiotic ointment-it cuts down on the size and weight.

  2. we have found old medicine bottles work great for first aid kits

  3. very good for hikeing.

  4. Easy-Bake Oven // January 8, 2009 at 9:12 pm // Reply

    It is cool

  5. why do we need first aid kit.

    • Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) // October 22, 2011 at 3:39 pm // Reply

      What kind of question is that?? these are a FEW reasons why we carry 1st aid kits: 1. if you cut your self. 2. if you break your leg or arm or fingers or toes accidentally. 3. if you get a head ache 4. if you twist you ankle.

  6. I have really bad exema that makes my skin crack and bleed. I always make sure I carry band-aids for me and my friends.

  7. I always make compact first aid kits and give them to the younger scouts. They are great to give them when they are coming up through

  8. Mini first aid kits are great. I have one that I keep in my pocket or backpack on camp-outs. Be prepared!

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