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How to stuff a sleeping bag back in its sack


Q. Every single time I go camping, I have trouble rolling up my sleeping bag and can never get it back in the bag. Help!
— Frustrated Zack, Erie, Pa.

A. Tons of guys share this gripe. It does seem that sleeping-bag manufacturers often make their stuff sacks just a hair too small.

sack-200x148What you need is a compression sack. Basically it’s a nylon stuff sack with compression straps that let you smash down a sleeping bag (or other soft gear, like clothing) so it fits inside you pack. Pick a compression sack that’s large enough to easily slip your rolled-up bag (or stuff your down bag) inside. Then, simply cinch it down tight to make it compact.

You can find quality compression sacks online for about $20 to $40 (depending on size and features like waterproofness) at and other retailers.

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7 Comments on How to stuff a sleeping bag back in its sack

  1. Bearded Beaver // August 2, 2016 at 10:26 am // Reply

    Both sleeping bags and tents should not be rolled but stuffed. Stuffing creates random folds in the material which is better for long-term viability of the material. Folding and rolling creates repeated creases at the same location which weaken in the material. Besides, it’s easier.

  2. I can’t get past the dirt being rolled up intothe bag pictured. Ugh! I’m all for camping, but can we TRY not to bring extra filth home?

  3. Yep

  4. Army General // December 4, 2015 at 5:39 pm // Reply

    Fair enough. STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Or just learn to roll your sleeping bag properly, like a man, and stop relying on all these useless things!

  6. Don’t try rolling up its not going to work. Especially if you going with kids. Just stuff it in.

  7. The key is “Stuff” not fold or roll. Stuff it in the bag and then compress; siting on the bag at the 75% point often helps younger scouts get it in easily. * Never leave your bag stored in a tight compression sack for a lengthy amount of time, always store your bags in a fluffed manner. Hanging them is best. Scout on.

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