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Gear up Your Pup! Make Hiking With Your Dog Safer With These Gadgets

Itching to take your pup on a hike? Then be sure to get the right dog gear. (And make sure you’re not itching because you have fleas!)


A microchip for your dog is essential. Your vet can put this tiny piece of technology under your pet’s skin so if lost and then found, he or she can be tracked back to your family.


Anything that makes you and your pet easier to spot on paths near roads and bike routes is a great thing. Stay safe with the Four Paws Nite Brite Reflecting Dog Leash ($23,


A light-up collar is another important piece of safety gear. The NiteDog Rechargeable LED Collar ($25, is adjustable, water resistant and super bright. The glow will make him one cool dawg.


Heading for rough terrain? Check with your vet to make sure your dog can handle it. If so, consider getting him some hiking boots. Grip Trex Dog Boots ($75, are versatile and help dogs grip the same surfaces that your hiking boots do.


The Top Paw Travel Water Bottle ($9, is easy to pack and includes a built-in water dish. Making sure your dog has frequent water breaks can remind you to stay hydrated, too.


If your dog is sturdy enough to carry an extra pound or two, she can carry her own water bottle, treats and first-aid kit with the Singletrak Dog Hydration Pack ($90,


Besides your human first-aid kit, pack a gallon-sized resealable bag with first-aid supplies to help your four-footed friend in an emergency. Here’s a list of supplies to include in your dog’s first-aid kit.


Leave No Trace applies to dogs, too, you know! Be sure to grab a Cycle Dog Earth Friendly Pickup Bag ($6 for 72 biodegradable bags, before you go out.

Note: While taking your furry friend along for an outing in pet-friendly areas can be a treat for both of you, pets should never accompany you to a Scout event or outing.

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