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How to build a campfire safely and responsibly

campfire-200x148Campfire building is an important camping skill. However, overuse of campfires and an increasing demand for firewood has degraded the natural appearance of many areas. When building a fire, remember to leave no trace:

  • Choose not to have a fire in areas where there is little wood: high elevations, heavily used areas or desert settings.
  • The best place to build a fire is within an existing fire ring in a well-placed campsite.
  • Keep the fire small, and keep it burning only when you are using it.
  • Allow wood to burn completely to ash. Put it out with water, not dirt.
  • Keep fires away from tents and tarps. Avoid rock outcrops, where black scars can remain for years.

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  1. can you add more information. But it was also helpful information.

  2. why the water, not dirt tip, at least with accidental fires I’ve heard (by word of mouth, not all that reliable) that dirt or sand will work better because oil floats on water (thus the many stories of burning rivers)

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