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Forms for planning your outing’s itinerary


Paperwork? For a backpacking trip? When it comes to backpacking and other outings, keeping good paperwork is part of Being Prepared. You’ll need a trip plan, an emergency plan and a duty roster.

Download our templates below to help you get started.


Don’t leave home without an itinerary, or a plan. In advance, figure out how far you’re going each day. There are different factor to take into account, such as: Is the terrain uphill or downhill? If canoeing, how high, fast or slow is the water? On multiday hikes, are there water sources nearby every day?

Put your itinerary in writing and leave a copy of it with someone at home.

And remember: Plan to get to your campsites with plenty of daylight left. It’s much easier setting up when you can see what you’re doing.


Before you leave for any trip, try to anticipate what could go wrong. Altitude sickness? Flooding? Avalanche? A serious injury? Provide copies to a handful of responsible adults who won’t be going on the trip.


Your duty roster should help you organize the responsibilities of each member — or each patrol — as you progress along your trek. Come up with a list of duties (water purification, cooking, cleanup, etc.) along with a list of the Scouts who will perform them. That way everybody knows from the start what they’re in for.

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  1. What is an example of a good emergency plan?

  2. How about a Hiking or Trip plan template that you would leave behind as in your car or with a member not going. Then if you don’t return it’s easily to see the plan in your windshield or the person left behind will have the details.

  3. to make your own, look in the backpacking merit badge book, and it has a better one

  4. How do you download forms on this page?

    • The “File No.1 Trip Plan Microsoft Word:” is a hyperlink-style item. Just click on it and it will open a box that will ask if you want to open it, save it, or cancel. If you open it, you can then “save as” and put it where you want it. If you save it, then you can put it where you want it to go immediately and look at it later.

    • Right Click on the words that say “File 1…” and click “save as” put in the file name and path and click save


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