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Conversion Chart for Dutch Oven Cooking Times and Temperatures

You can prepare meals at camp a few different ways: by camp stove, open fire, charcoal grill, solar oven or Dutch oven.

Dutch ovens are heavy cast-iron pots that make baking outdoors easy. You can also steam, fry, sauté or boil food in them. Some Dutch ovens are made with aluminum, which makes them a lot lighter. The design of both is the same: a round pot with legs and a rimmed lid to hold hot coals.

This design lets you evenly cook by placing coals above and below the oven. You can adjust the temperature by adding or removing coals. For example, if you want to bake something at 350 degrees and you have a 12-inch Dutch oven, you put 17 coals on top and eight underneath. To bump up the temperature to 400, 19 coals go on top and 10 go under.

Dutch ovens come in different sizes. Use them on the ground on durable, fireproof material, like rock, gravel or dirt. Always have a bucket of water handy to douse any wayward flames or extinguish coals when you’re done cooking.


When it comes to baking, knowing the size of your Dutch oven is important. Depending on the size of your Dutch oven, the amount of charcoal you need to use will vary in order to reach the desired temperature.

To figure out how much charcoal you need, use the chart provided which shows how many briquettes you need for your oven size.

Remember to use fewer coals on the bottom of the oven than on the top, as this will help prevent food from burning on the bottom. Also, remember to bring extra charcoal in case the wind picks up or it’s very cold outside.

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