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How to treat a blister

Q:  Should I pop a blister and, if so, is there a “best” way to do it?

A:  Ideally, you want to prevent blisters from happening in the first place.  The next best thing is to try to leave good skin intact because it is the best “bio-dressing” you could possibly ever have.

Sometimes these options are not possible, and the blister may get so painful that it interferes with your ability to function (e.g., walking, gripping a canoe paddle, skiing, etc.).  Repetitive trauma to the affected skin can also cause the blister to get larger.  When this happens you have to consider taking matters into your own hands – so to speak:

1.  First, wash your hands and “glove-up” if possible.

2.  Next, clean the area to be treated with an antiseptic, soap and water, or whatever you have that works.

3.  Sterilize a pin with flame or rubbing alcohol (remember that rubbing alcohol is flammable, so be careful!).

4.  You want to leave as much of the skin intact as possible, so avoid piercing the blister from the top.  Instead, insert the pin into the side of the blister.

5.  With the blister “popped,” take some gauze and gently push down on the blister to help squeeze out the fluid.

6.  Now, make sure the area is clean.  Bandage up the area as best as possible and pile on the protective padding.   Make every attempt to minimize further injury to the area.  Keep it clean and try to rest it for as long as possible.

7.  Tylenol or Motrin can help with pain. Note: You’ll need parental consent to take medication at a Scout event.

You should be pain-free and back in the backcountry in no time!

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  1. The article really helped me with my Boyscout homework for how to treat a blister!

  2. The video is not working.

  3. The Muffin Man // February 16, 2015 at 12:56 pm // Reply

    Was very helpful on helping to complete the Camping merit badge. Also, reading that almost makes me wanna barf up breakfast into squishy little nuggets of egg and have them be sitting in a pool of stomach acid.

  4. These are great, but would be great if they had a link to open up a printable copy.

  5. cool that realy helps

  6. yo yo master // June 2, 2012 at 11:05 pm // Reply

    gross it sounds painful to pop it 🙁 😛 😮

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