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Download a Card to Play Super Bowl Bingo

Use this randomly generated Super Bowl bingo card to keep track of everything that happens during the big game! Even if your team loses, you can still win bragging rights in BL bingo.

How to Get Started With Scuba Diving

You can get your scuba certification from any agency recognized by the BSA, or any member of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council. Here is a list of some BSA-recognized organizations.

AD: Win a Week at Space Camp!

Enter for a chance to win a weeklong trip to Space Camp, located in Huntsville, Ala., or win an official Space Camp flight suit with customized name patch.

Fishing Q&A videos

fish-promoDoes loud noise scare the fish? Pro angler Tom Redington shares secrets to help you become a successful fisherman.

Information on Scouts in Action

The subjects in the Scouts in Action section of Boys' Life magazine are selected from a lengthy list of award winners the magazine receives from the National Court of Honor. If you'd like to nominate someone for a life-saving medal, please contact your local council.

Boys’ Life covers by Norman Rockwell

During his career, artist and illustrator Norman Rockwell's work was used on dozens of Boys' Life covers. Take a look at this gallery of covers and tell us which ones are your favorites.

Recipes for Turkey Day

Pennsylvania Scouts spent an entire weekend preparing Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of hungry guests. Here are the recipes they used for the side dishes.

Smart Money Management

Check out these resources and games that will help you learn about smart money management:

Winners list

Here are the winners of recent contests and sweepstakes on

Boys’ Life goes green

Boys' Life magazine promotes environmental leadership with Sustainable Forestry Initiative® forest certification.

Jon’s Muesli Mix

In the May 2009 issue of Boys’ Life, REI’s Jon Almquist tells you how to pick the perfect backpack. Here, he gives you the recipe for something tasty to pack in it.

Learn more about pet rescue

Check out the July 2007 issue of Boys’ Life magazine to learn how to rescue a choking pet. Or learn more about pet rescue and CPR at the following Web sites:

2006 Boys’ Life reading contest winners

Here are the winning essays from the 2006 Boys’ Life reading contest. 8 YEARS OLD AND YOUNGER First Place: Josh Curry, 7, Covington, Wash. (“The Giving Tree” by

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