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How to Treat and Purify Water

Here are three ways to treat water so it’s safe to drink.

1. Boil water over a stove or campfire. Once it comes to a rolling boil (when 1/2-inch bubbles are rising from the bottom of the pot), then it’s clean.

2. Filter water with a handheld filter. Most require you to pump the water slowly through screens and filters that remove dangerous bacteria. Many include a purifying stage that will also treat viruses. Filters can be expensive, but they are reliable and easy to use.

3. Chemical treatment is probably the easiest and cheapest method. Put a tablet or two in your jug of water and in about 20 minutes it’ll be ready to drink. The tablets might leave a bitter taste, but you can use a sports drink mix to cover it.

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  1. Gfddgggrewadfhki // October 29, 2017 at 1:30 pm // Reply

    Cool!Very helpful!

  2. bluesharmonica // September 10, 2015 at 1:27 pm // Reply

    when you are very thirsty you won’t even care about the taste. it is important to stay hydrated.

  3. I really think its gives you a lot of information about how to purify water. thank you 😀

  4. Purchase a Gravity Works filter. No chemicals, no pumping. Will make 4 quarts of water in 15 minutes. easy to maintain and backwash.

  5. Try potassium permanganate it is a black powder. If it’s pink its good to drink! Just be sure that you handle this stuff with care.

  6. Boil it, why not if you’re stationary. If on the move, Steri-Pen clear water…. or pump if dealing with murky water. Chemical is just that, chemicals. Use that as a last resort.

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