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How to Cook Deep-Fried Oreos

Kids Cooking Deep Fried Oreos

For this meal, you’re gonna need a bigger plate.

Beast Feast, held every Monday night during summer camp at Cole Canoe Base in Michigan, is billed as the largest outdoor cooking demonstration in Scouting. And they’re not kidding.

The feast started years ago as a way for the staff to teach Scouts how to cook. Now, instead of staff members being the only ones who prepare food, each troop or crew makes its own special dish for everyone in camp to try. It’s part demonstration, part competition and all way too much for one person to eat.

Scouts can fill their plates with 40 to 50 different food items. And we’re not talking typical Scouting staples like spaghetti or hot dogs. Try Dutch oven ribs, sticky bread with Hershey’s Kisses inside or chicken wings with a tangy Asian glaze.

Three of the strangest dishes Scouts have prepared over the years: deep-fried corn on the cob, chocolate-covered bacon and a whole pig roasted on a rotisserie that was turned by a car engine.

Video: Highlights from the Beast Feast

Video: How to Make Deep Fried Oreos

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  1. Mother of a Future Eagle Scout // March 24, 2015 at 5:15 am // Reply

    My son was there during that week. He was so excited to hear that the Boys life writers stayed for his week. He also can back with a great desire to be part of the beast feast this year if it is offered.

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