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Listen to Wolves Howl and See a Fun Wolf Video

Wolves are fascinating animals that can be found in many habitats such as forests, grasslands, and even snowy tundras. Wolves used to be found in many places around the globe, but their numbers have decreased. Today, they mainly live in remote areas with limited human presence.

Wolves are social animals that live in groups called packs. Each pack has a leader, called the alpha wolf, along with other wolves and their young ones. The alpha wolf makes important decisions for the pack. Wolves in a pack work together as a family, hunting for food and taking care of their young.

Wolves are skilled hunters and have a diverse diet. Wolves are excellent at teamwork when hunting. They use their speed and strength to chase their prey over long distances. Sometimes, they even work together to bring down larger animals. Wolves are clever hunters that rarely waste any part of their kill.


Wolves have unique ways of communicating with each other. They use howling to talk to other wolves in their pack. Howling helps them find each other when they are far apart. Wolves also use body language, such as wagging their tails or making certain facial expressions, to show their feelings and intentions. They are loyal to their pack and help take care of one another.


Wolves face many challenges that threaten their survival. Humans hunted them in the past and much of wolves’ habitat has been lost. As a result, wolf populations have declined in many places. However, people are now working to protect wolves and their habitats. Conservation efforts and laws have helped some wolf populations grow.


1. Wolves can swim up to 8 miles.

2. The American red wolf is the rarest in the world. It’s also the most endangered.

3. Wolves have 42 teeth.

4. Wolves were some of the first animals on the United States Endangered Species Act list in 1973.

5. Wolves can run up to 38 miles per hour.

6. Wolves are found mainly in the U.S. northern region, Alaska, Canada and Russia.

7. Baby wolves are called “pups.”

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