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Scouts Save Stranded Kayaker on Wyoming River

You just never know when you might have to put your Scouting skills to good use and save someone’s life.

A group of Scouts from Wyoming were faced with just that scenario when they came upon a man in distress while on a whitewater rafting trip down Wyoming’s Shoshone River this summer.

About halfway through their trek, the group noticed a man standing on a grassy island in the middle of the stream. At first they thought he was fishing, but it became obvious that the man was panicking when he jumped in the water and tried to swim to the Scouts.

The boys calmly maneuvered their raft to pick the man up. They later learned he had fallen from a kayak and become separated from the rest of his group.

No problem.

The boys checked the man for injuries and kept him calm until they reached the next landing area 45 minutes later. There, they made sure the man’s outfitter was able to come pick him up.

Click here to read more about the dramatic rescue.


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