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Choosing a kayak

I am looking to buy a kayak but there are so many possibilities. Which one should I pick? Help me!

Canoeing through Bowron Lake Provincial Park

bowron-promoSee photos of Troop 136's canoeing trek through Canada's Bowron Lake Provincial Park, where they found majestic mountains, remarkable rivers and lovely lakes. And plenty of paddling.

Reduce sweating in your lifejacket

livevest-200x148Q. My family has a great sit-on-top kayak and I love paddling it around the lake in the summer but my parents make me wear a lifejacket and my back gets totally sweaty and gross. Please help me!

Gear for a canoe trip

Q. Hey Gear Guy, I was just wondering what kinds of special gear my troop should get when going on a canoe trip?

Buy a boat on a budget

Q. Gear Guy, I want a boat that is less than 8 feet and no smaller than a five-horsepower motor. The problem: My budget is $500. Do you have any ideas?

What’s SUP?

Q. Dear Gear Guy. I’ve heard people talk about something called SUP -- I think it might have something to do with surfing but I’m not sure what it is. Can you fill me in?

Keep your gear dry when canoeing

Nothing’s worse than a soaked sleeping bag or a wet change of clothes after a day in the canoe. Here are some quick tips to keep all your stuff dry.