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6 Reasons You’ll Enjoy Rocketing Through Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek has been around for more than 50 years. Here’s how Star Trek: Bridge Crew makes the sci-fi series feel new again — if you put in the time.

Spectacular Simulation

Here’s your chance to command the U.S.S. Aegis and the Starship Enterprise in deep space. As I played via PlayStation VR, I found myself at the bridge, the place where all the orders happen. Take a look around: these are the people, including Spock, you carefully command. But the information they give you is just as important as your commands. That’s because you have to make your decisions about whether others in space are friends or foes.

Explore The Trench

It’s an uncharted area in space, one that just might be perfect for the Vulcan race, who need a new home. In order to find a home for them, you’ll have quite a search. And you’ll have to deal with those awful Klingons. Watch out for those Protomatter-based weapons. All of Bridge Crew features an alternate story based on the 2009 Star Trek film. You’ll have about a half dozen missions. But when you open the ongoing missions mode, the game never really ends.

It’s Not A Shooter

Those who want to a constant barrage of interplanetary fireworks should look elsewhere. This is more about strategy and space exploration. While the graphics in space are pretty wondrous, Bridge Crew is closer to Kerbal Space Program than it is to Halo.

There’s A Learning Curve

But it’s not a huge one. All you need to do is take the tutorial to understand the processes that make your ship and your people work best. You’ll know when to use warp speed, when to simply follow another ship, when to use weapons and how to interact with your crew.

It’s Also About Multiplayer

Solo play lets you learn the ropes in a variety of missions, But it’s a lot of fun online since a number of players work together to form a team. Tip: One thing I never do is play online with strangers. I never find it fun. The best thing to do is get a few of your friends together. Then, you can explore space together.

VR Has Gotten Better

Star Trek: Bridge Crew proves it. First, you won’t get dizzy. And you won’t get a headache. The early games based in virtual reality weren’t that ready for prime time. But Ubisoft has proven that you can have a fine time in space without feeling sick. Yes, there could have been more missions. And yes, the story could be more intense and compelling. Still, this feels like Star Trek, adventurous and bold. And this feels like space, beautiful and dangerous. You can’t ask for much more than that.

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