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6 Cool Games For a Too-Hot Summer

There may be a brutal heat wave sweeping the country at the moment, but these new games are super cool.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Get to know this nutty marsupial! Having three the Crash Bandicoot games on one disk is pretty awesome — especially since these classics have been seriously updated graphically. So have the controls. When Crash battles his arch enemy Dr. Neo Cortex in tough boss battles, you’ll realize these were some of the best platformers ever created. Wackiness never looked so good!

Cars 3: Driven to Win

While Driven to Win doesn’t follow the hit movie’s story, a lot of the same cool car characters are right here in a story that takes place after the film. Sadly, there’s no online play. But otherwise, it’s like Mario Kart meets Cars 3. The vehicles are so well-balanced, you’ll have to think carefully about choosing a favorite. And the Battle Race mode lets you unlock cars and achievements beyond the tracks that make your heart race. Definitely check out the secret areas, the varied weapons and the stunts you can perform for points. The game’s made by Avalanche, the same people who brought you Disney Infinity. That’s why Driven to Win is a cut above the rest.

Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two

They kept it a secret. But Telltale has done it again. Sure, there’s some crafting in the second season of Minecraft Storymore. But whether you choose to be female Jesse or male Jesse, the humor and drama (especially underwater) will leave you happily thrilled. But you be occasionally moved, too. You’ll be part of a group of pals who work well together as a team. And when something’s about to happen to one, you really do feel it. Get your sword ready for that trip to find Petra in a creepy mine! Hmm, what will that ancient relic do?

The Mage’s Tale

This captivating story of cave quests, monsters and magic is one of the better looking games for Oculus VR. It’s rife with crafting, puzzles, and British witticisms. The wise, white-bearded Master has been kidnapped by a sinister, black-suited sorcerer and it’s up to you to save him. The feeling of throwing lightning and fire is just so visceral. Plus, the Oculus headset and Touch controllers are coming way down in price — just as the game (like this one) are getting better. So now might be the time to dive into VR.

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure

Remember the PS Vita? Some developers are still adapting games to it. Mr. Pumpkin’s Adventure is quirky, point and click adventure, a deep dive into the world of veggies with spirit. Just check out that odd peanut man sitting on a bench. Jazz music really puts you in the mood for this wild ride. I don’t know how I missed this when it came out for PC. But it’s going to be fun to check it out on the very portable, still fun PS Vita.

Ever Oasis

With all the talk of Arms and Splatoon 2, this role playing game for the 3DS is being shoved to the side. That’s too bad because Ever Oasis is a wonderful game with well-rounded characters who are desert dwellers. It’s up to you to build them a home full of shops, fun booths, merchandise and a little bit of attitude. Think of this as a little like Animal Crossing except the characters are proud, colorful wanderers from a potpourri of tribes.

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